Study Shows The Dangers of Home-Based Teeth Whitening Processes

Teeth-whitening is a process that has become quite popular nowadays – but when it was first discovered it was done so completely by accident. A dentist who was utilizing hydrogen peroxide when treating gum disease noticed that subsequent washes with the substances led to white teeth for his patient.

While the process has become a common occurrence globally now – experts believe that many people are still unaware of all the various intricacies of this process and just what type of whitening is best suited for them.  Different countries have different rules regarding teeth whitening, often with varying amounts of hydrogen peroxide being allowed.

For example, in Australia, only a dental professional has the ability to whiten teeth – and even that up to only 6%, where as in a country like New Zealand, up to 12% hydrogen peroxide can be added and that too without the supervision of a medical professional. However, despite this extra concentration – there haven’t been any notable backlashes or side-effects that have been reported by the users in that country.

The next question many people find themselves asking if they should consider going to a professional for their teeth whitening or simply use a do-it-at-home kit. A lab-based research indicated recently that whitening conducted at a professional dentist can increase the strength of enamel, which is a good way to reduce the effectiveness of acid on teeth. This is required to limit the erosion that occurs on one’s teeth. Additionally, usually whiting teeth at home has resulted in the loss of minerals, which often leads to weaker teeth overall.

The research also adds that if over-the-counter methods to whiten teeth are used abundantly, it can seriously damage the longevity of one’s teeth. Another recommended tip is to make sure that one’s teeth are free of any other issues before getting them whitened. This is because the process is known to cause sensitivity in teeth – and if someone has any other problems, then the pain and difficulty will be multiplied as a result of the whitening. Another thing to note is that whitening only occurs on natural teeth, so any filling or caps might not get whitened, adding to the list of things that one needs to be aware of before partaking in the process.

All of these things are the reason why one needs to be quite careful before even considering whitening their teeth. White a medical professional may be able to point these things out prior to the process; anyone using table-top remedies at home can cause a lot of damage to their teeth while unbeknownst to themselves. Although it is true that a dental service will cost more, it does come with a level of professionalism and assurance that would simply be missing otherwise. Dental products are stronger, more effective and overall boost the longevity of one’s teeth greatly – and as such it is recommended to not opt for alternatives that may limit the strength of one’s teeth substantially, providing a more limited and ultimately dangerous option.

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