Expert Reveals Why Pregnant Woman Should Eat Fish

Pregnancy is a time when most women feel confused and aloof. With so many different tips and advices being thrown at them, there is no doubt in the fact that it is easy to drown under the piles of information. However, usually, separating fact from fiction is not the easiest process, and most women sometimes end up following advice that doesn’t have any beneficial change on either them, or their baby.

That being said, women who wish to find out new ways through which they can maintain their and their baby’s health during pregnancy shouldn’t worry, as a new study has discovered that fish can actually assist pregnant women greatly during their pregnancy.

The research detailed that pregnant women who eat fish at least three times a week often have children with better brain functionality and eyesight. The fatty fish consumption has been linked directly with better eyesight and more enhanced brain function, and has left many people astounded. Kirsi Laitinen, the project leader, and alumni of the University of Turku in Finland had the following words to say regarding this new study:

“The results of our study suggest that frequent fish consumption by pregnant women is of benefit for their unborn child’s development. This may be attributable to long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids within fish, but also due to other nutrients like vitamin D and E, which are also important for development”.

The research has gained a lot of traction recently, and has changed many people’s perception on what is considered to be healthy for pregnant women and what isn’t. Truly, many people didn’t realize the fundamental benefit that fatty fish could provide to women – and such people are left completely in awe at this recent development.

Additionally, the research also discovered that not just the health of the baby, but the mother’s weight before and after the pregnancy, along with her blood sugar levels and blood pressure were much better as a result of fish consumption. The team went further and jotted down the changes that occurred in the people involved within the first month and then after two years.

The results clearly indicated that the children whose mothers had consumed fatty fish had much better eyesight. In fact, they were using pattern reversal visual evoked potentials (Pvep). This is an accurate method of tracking – and is much more non-invasive. Overall, this is a much more effective form of visual response. While the changes may seem subtle, the fact of the matter is that it can have major benefits for not just one’s own body but also their child.

For this reason, Kirsi Laitinen is urging women to make fish a part of their diet, and consume it at least three times within a week. The benefits that it can have on one’s child are quite unprecedented, and the results of this study have gone far to reveal that it is not something to simply avoid.

Jennifer Williamson

Jennifer Williamson

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