Losing 10 Pounds in 10 Days – Is It Possible – How To Do It?

Losing an extensive amount of weight – even 10 pounds in 10 days isn’t something that should be widely surprising or shocking. The fact of the matter is that it is entirely possible to do this, even if the “professional” experts we see in our day to day life say otherwise.

If you are someone who’s trying to find out just how they can lose weight effectively and in a manner that is simple and easy to follow: know that it will not be easy. You might need to change your lifestyle, and transform how you live, but in just 10 days, you will be able to attain the weight loss of your life. If you are ready, let us proceed.


Losing 10 Pounds in 10 Days – What Do Experts Say?

Losing 10 pounds in 10 days essentially means that one will need to lose about 3500 calories per day. This might already seem like a task that is just too great to even consider – but hold on, through a special technique it is possible to do this.

There is a way to change your guide and gear it towards an extensive amount of weight lost in a small interval of time. This is done through first of all losing fat, then losing water, and then muscles.

Most experts nowadays focus solely on losing fat, forgetting the rest of the two points, which can act as the crux of the entire procedure. As a result, it is imperative to work on all aspects of health to ensure proper weight loss, that being:

=> Dieting
=> Workouts
=> Lifestyle


Starting off: You will need to ensure that you are losing fat, and then water, and eventually the muscular loss will begin to happen. Regrowing the muscles by eating the right proteins later on is recommended, along with some useful exercises. That is the perfect way of losing 10 pounds in 10 days.


Protein – How Much Does Your Body Need During Weight Loss?

People have a different level of protein that they can eat as well as different sources that they take them from. Shakes, pulses, vegetables are all possible sources.

A normal male should take around 56 grams to 46 grams daily. Meaning, they need to eat at least 8 eggs, 3 scoops of protein powder, or a suitable amount of fish, meat, chicken or a similar protein-containing product.

Burning calories is vital to losing weight, and that is something that is important to keep in mind.


The Top Tips to Remember

Here are some of the vital tips that can help you lose weight fast.

=> Cut Down on Junk Food: Nowadays, people don’t realize just how much junk food they consume. All of this sugar we consume eventually gets stored as unhealthy fats, and it is thus imperative to cut all of these from our system. Even foods such as french fries are drenched in oil and thus unhealthy. Instead, consider eating healthy snacks like fruits: oranges, lemons, watermelons and vegetables like spinach, cucumber, carrots, cabbages.

=> Eat More Protein: Protein is to be consumed from healthy sources as mentioned above. If you lack protein consumption, adding more in the form of healthy pulses, or proper meat is essential. Meat should not be taken if someone has other problems that could be accelerated due to it. Green vegetables are to be preferred such as lentils, beans, mushrooms and peas. These churn up your metabolism and transform it into a fat-burning furnace. Be careful on supplements, some might be useful, but most have a dangerous aura about them.

=> Watching the Calories: Calories that are eaten and not used up need to be burnt; so why not simply control the amount we eat in the first place? Normally, men need about 2500 calories a day, and women need 2000. However, losing weight requires an extensive amount of calories to be burnt, and as such, a minimum of just 1200 calories should be eaten a day. This will boost your system by a lot. Cutting down on junk food and other such sugary treats should be an easy way to do this – don’t just eat less. Eat healthy instead.

=> Workout: Working out is imperative, and it is the only definitive way to back up your diet and give it a solid foundation. Jogging 10 hours straight a day, squatting for 4 hours continuously, lifting weights occasionally throughout the day, and running 7 hours every day for 10 days. These are all the recommended workouts by many, however, it is clear to see that they are NOT easy to do or realistic. Instead, focus on eating properly, cutting down calories and go for lighter workouts.

=> Rest: Rest is important in weight loss, even though people forget it. You can burn up to 500 calories just by sleeping for 8 hours. Sounds like an awesome deal and an easy way to lose and cut down on those extensive calories.

=> Drink Water: The final crux of the plan is to drink water, and loads of it. It is probably the healthiest drink on Earth, and you need it in no small increments. Drink a good amount to flush out the toxins and other dangerous stuff in your stomach. 2 litres of water a day is a must.


Keep Yourself Motivated

One final thing to remember is that for a healthy body, a healthy mind is essential. People often fog their mind with thoughts of losing weight and completely lose proper functionality – and are even unable to think rationally and do proper workouts. It is much better to just relax and take things as they come along.

Weight loss is an energetic and exciting time, not because of the stuff you during it, but the amazing payoff a few months later. So why worry, instead cruise through it and enjoy the changes you personally get to see in your looks and feel in your motivation and health. Some important pointers to keep your motivation high are recommended. The following are good to remember:

=> Do you want to wake up early or fresh – or sleep for even 8 hours and feel completely tired?

=> Do you want to look at the mirror and be happy to see yourself, feeling proud and happy?

=> Do you want healthier skin, better hair, a fresher face and a happier smile?

=> Do you want to attain the looks and the relationships you’ve always dreamt of?

=> Do you want to gain enough energy to get through the day without drinking mountains of coffee or energy drinks daily?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, then it is time: to begin your weight loss journey and changing your life forever.


Summary and Final Thoughts

=> Cut down on junk food and other unhealthy and sugary products that only serve to make you fat.

=> Eat healthy fruits and vegetables instead and make them a part of your diet as regular snacks and stuff to in-take during a hankering

=> Take a good amount of protein daily

=> Count your calories then cut them down to an appropriate amount

=> Sleep for at least 8 hours a day, this burns calories

=> Drink a lot of water, and juices too

Enjoy your new better looking body!

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