Tata Harper Shares Her Must-Know Tips for Skincare

Skincare is a topic people are often quite interested in – but equally unaware of. With so many different tips and advice floating on the internet, it is not too difficult to get the details mixed up. However, for people who wish to take advice for a trusted and reliable source – recently, Tata Harper’s few personal advice for skincare surfaced – and people are lining up to follow in her footsteps.

Colombian-born Tata Harper is a health guru and expert who has amassed quite a bit of fame on the internet through her natural skin-care brand. Her brand features a more natural approach to skincare than most other products, boasting a non-GMO, artificial ingredient or chemical-based ingredients list.

This is precisely why her advice matters so much to not just her fans – but people all across the web. That being said, let’s start going into her list of musts for skincare. Her first advice is to make sure that one separates their skin-care products based on their consistency. This means that one should have a good understanding of which of their products provide a thicker mask, and which are thinner in comparison. This is important because when applying products, it is important to first apply the thinnest products – and move your way upwards.

This is because thicker products can sometimes prevent thin products from entering the skin if they are applied first, which can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the products applied overall.  Her next tip is to simply understand that skincare is not a cheap task – both money and time wise. In many cases, finding the right product to match your skin and provide you with the types of benefits you need can be difficult. This process is long, tiring and expensive – and as a result, not everyone is able to take part in it.

Additionally, for a consistent look, one needs to ensure that they create a routine, and make sure that their skin is being given products daily. For some people, their daily routine can take up to 30 minutes, from rubbing, rinsing, cleaning and applying – the time keeps on adding and in the end, having to do that every day, is not within everyone’s schedule. Tata Harper has also made it abundantly clear that skincare isn’t cheap. One can consider risking it with cheaper brands and products that don’t always guarantee the most safety, but Harper’s personal products can range in the triple digits.

While this does mean that one is being provided with natural products, it also takes it out of the range of many who simply cannot apply hundreds of dollars’ worth of product on their skin every single day – however, Harper suggests that this is the only way to ensure proper and optimum skin care.

Finally, it is worth noting that skincare is more than just about one’s physical appearance. It is as important a mental matter as it is physical, and as a result, sometimes, when simply applying a cream and having a more glistening look can boost someone’s confidence – they can get themselves to partake in a 30-minute long daily routine.

Micheal Kim

Micheal Kim

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