Experts Reveal a Mental Trick That Increases Weight Loss

There is no doubt in the fact that mental and physical health is linked with one another. Recently, this idea has been utilized by weight loss experts, who believe they may have found a way to reduce one’s weight loss through a new mental trick.

This is a part of a new study that seems to suggest that simply visualizing one’s weight goal can assist the body in increasing the amount of weight they lose by up to 5 times as much. Experts from the University of Plymouth are calling this motivational intervention, and saying that it could give people a massive boost towards their weight loss goals.

The power of visualization is not something that is particularly known for its effectiveness, but there is no doubt in the fact that the placebo effect can cause the mind to not only feel better and more enhanced, but can undoubtedly have vast changes on the body itself. This research expands further on the idea of a therapy called motivational interviewing, which involves talking about reaching one’s weight loss goals – and how and why it is important to them.

The therapy involves a lot of visualizing exercises that will not only make it clear to a person what their goal is – but will also assist them greatly in achieving it. A new coaching method called Fit has also become popular which makes use of this fundamentally powerful technique. The core idea of it is to not only imagine what one’s goals are – but to also think of the looks, feel, taste and smell of it, allowing them to turn it form just an image in their head to a full reality.

An important thing to keep in mind is that thinking is a powerful brain mechanic – and just through thinking it has been shown that the brain can burn down a cheeseburger’s worth of calories. This means that there is definitely some power present here that can shred down one’s weight. The methodology that experts are recommended, which can be done by just about anyone – without any special equipment is setting aside a mere 20 minutes a day to simply visualize and let the mind run free.

In these 20 minutes, it is recommended to not just think about how weight loss will affect you – making you feel and look healthy, as well as greatly boosting your confidence and self-esteem but also how it will affect those around you. For some people a weight loss journey can result in the happiness of their family members who won’t have to worry about their health issues anymore, and for others it can mean remaining free from pesky bills that they couldn’t afford.

Whatever one’s goals may be, the recommended time period is around 20 minutes every day – and the results can be quite astonishing. The research states that the speed in weight loss can even increase up to 5 times for some people – and that is definitely something not to simply shrug off.



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