Privacy Policy

TodayBeast cares for the information that it is utilized by its users, and it is for this reason that it aims to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform the users of this website with the various different junctures through which their information will be processed, and just how much of their information is expected and required to be given.

That being said, the website utilizes some common techniques of data gathering that have become a standard all across the internet. Among this is the usage of Cookies. A more clear idea of this will provided further down, however, the main thing to note is that as this is primarily only an information-based website, no specific details about the user is recording. This includes things such as their email address, credit card information, any passwords or other vital details. This means that their identity remains quite anonymous when on the website.

Much like other websites on the internet, the most that might be collected will be in the form of cookies. These cookies basically allow you to receive a more customized and personalized experience on the internet. During this process there is no sharing of your data to other third parties or companies.

Linkage to Other Areas of the Net

The Site may post articles or detailed analysis on other products and for this it is imperative for there to be links to those products so that the readers can visit them and get a better understanding of its benefits and features. In this case that the Site may provide links to third party websites that own the product that the article is discussing. The Site is in no way partnered with these products or any of their creators, and the articles written do not offer any sponserships or bias.

Any damage done to you or your properties in any way, upon accessing the websites that have been linked in The Site’s articles, is the responsibility of the owner of the website alone and has nothing to do with it. As a user, it is your own duty to ensure that any information that you are viewing is taken with a grain of salt, and that any product purchased is used cautiously instead of without any extra care.

That being said, a number of steps are included in this process all of which must be taken as precautions by the readers.

Changes to Privacy Policy

TodayBeast holds the right to amend the Privacy Policy or change it at any time. We are under no responsibility to inform you of any changes done, it is your own duty to check the Privacy Policy from time to time and inform yourself of any changes that may have been made.

Contacting Us

TodayBeast  is available for contact through a number of different means, including but not limited to, their email address, Facebook page or Youtube. If you have any further doubts or queries about your information or how it may be shared while on the website, then feel free to drop by and leave a question.

Keep in mind though that TodayBeast  is in no way held accountable for the actions or reactions that may occur to you as a result of the products or guides or tips mentioned on the website. Anything that comes as a result of this, directly, or indirectly is the fault of your own and must be treated as such. We only going to give our readers with information, and cannot be said to be liable for the actions of the owners of any other website or product.