Study Claims E-Cigs May Reverse Decades of Progress

Smoking, especially when done by teenagers can have major repercussions that can stagnate their growth and make them face a setback that can last a lifetime. Many studies have attempted to locate the allure of smoking for growing teens – however the usage of these products has certainly declined in recent years.

However, there is something that can potentially revert this successful change – and that is e-cigs. E-cigs pose a new and unprecedented threat to teens all across the country, many health experts believe. Some even estimate that in the long-run it could be even more dangerous than normal cigs. This is because many teens have a wrong understanding of these products – and some even misconstrue them as being completely fine and healthy. The fact of the matter is that e-cigs not only make one prone to a number of different ailments, but also can act as a gateway to normal cigarettes.

A new paper published by the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) goes into detail about this e-cig epidemic and brings to light some facts that many teens and even their parents were unaware of. When it comes to nicotine e-cigs are barely behind that of regular cigarettes. The paper also mentions that if certain measures are not put in place immediately, it can potentially revert decade’s worth of progress – and push the nation back to a few decades when teenage smoking was rampant.

Experts believe that it is vital for parents to be aware of this trend – and to realize that e-cigs despite the more glamorous marketing are just as dangerous as one normal cigs. This is why they shouldn’t make any compromises and should be quite stern if they see their child partaking in this act. Additionally, schools and teachers should also ensure that they make it quite clear to their students that such practices result only in damage and problems.

Additionally, researches have also indicated that one of the leading reasons behind cigarettes being so common for teenagers is stress. When teens feel overwhelmed – they feel like smoking is the only way to let themselves loose for a little while. In such a case, parents should especially make sure to pay attention to their kids, and talk to them to alleviate some of their stress. If they are having trouble in school, then making sure that all of their problems are provided solutions to is something that parents should do regularly.

Another common reason behind smoking being so common is sheer boredom. Bored teens often find e-cigs to be the only way to not be bored. Thus ensuring that one’s teens have a good hobby to spend time can make it so they’re off the streets and nor partaking in any smoking.

When it comes to teenagers smoking – parents above all should remain vigilant. With new researches and studies being conducted regularly, perhaps in the near future people will come to realize the inherent dangers present in e-cigs.

Jennifer Williamson

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