James Davis’ Personal Tip On How To Improve Mental Health At Work

In our work-heavy lifestyles, we often fail to realize just how damaging some of our requirements can be. Especially when one works at an office job – and is sitting at a desk for a good portion of their day, they end up having to face a multitude of health related problems, many of which might not be apparent immediately, but definitely rise up over time.

James Davis recently opened up on how he got through his office-job and managed to remain in great shape despite the requirements imposed upon him. He stated that it is absolutely vital for anyone working at an office job – and thus has to sit at a single spot for hours to take a break and have small walks out on the field. He stated that this not only made him more energetic, but also greatly impacted his mood and professionalism when speaking to customers.

It broke up his day, and added a sense of wonder to his normal routine which would be quite monotone otherwise. Being a civil architect, there aren’t too many opportunities open for him to simply walk out or even get up from his workstation, but he believes that taking advantage of even the tiniest allowances of time for a walk can dramatically change one’s mood.

James stated that having a good mental attitude is absolutely important for getting through a monotonous daily routine. If one isn’t ready mentally, then they begin to suffer physically too – and this results in sloppiness in their work, and a generally unhappy attitude in their life overall.

As a result, it is highly recommended by James to not only take breaks, but to also make preparations for things that might seem trivial. He adds that writing down the basics of how one wishes to accomplish a task can assist in ensuring that the task reaches its fruition. Recent studies have pointed out in multiple instances how an unsatisfying work environment can quite drastically affect one’s mental health – and in some cases even further depression and thoughts of unease. This is something that affects many people daily, but they do not take action or even realize the consequences and difficulties that they are putting onto themselves until it is too late.

That being said, just as James has given advice, people can look towards their surroundings and see what small changes they can add to make their life not only easier, but also interesting and fun. Even a small walk in the morning can give people something to look forward to, and add a reason to get out of one’s bed every day. Our body is quite intricate and small changes can lead to many different benefits for people in the long run.

While mental health is usually thought about with a grain of salt, many experts believe that now it is time to finally begin taking this issue seriously as it can quite negatively affect one’s day if they are not in the right state of mind.



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