Quit Smoking For A Better Tomorrow.

Why To Quit Smoking Introduction

What started as a small escape from tension and stress, quickly became a hobby and soon an addiction that was impossible to get rid of. This is what cigarettes were for me. Whenever someone tries their first cigarette, they never suspect just the damaging and dangerous effect it can have on them. However, even just one smoke can pile up, and slowly build up onto something that is destructive from within. A deep, dark monstrosity that causes you to smoke more and more, until it consumes you completely: an addiction.

This was my case. I was completely devoured by this incessant need to constantly be smoking. At home, at work, and even in public, I would find myself constantly taking small breaks to find the time to smoke, and it wasn’t until one day my family told me that it was simply too much and they were concerned that I realized just how bad it had gotten. The worst thing was I never could understand why smoking was so bad.

If anything, it made me feel relaxed and reduced my stress. But this was just what appeared to me on the surface. In truth, this is nothing short of a poison coated blade that one purposely keeps stabbing themselves with. After I realized just how damaging that this had become for me, I decided to take the right steps to make sure that I completely stopping smoking cigarettes.

The truth is that there are a multitude of reasons why one should consider quitting cigarettes. While it can be something as simple as the costs of the cigarettes that begins to stack up quite high as you smoke a dozen a day, or just fear that you might not only damage yourself, but also those in your surroundings through passive smoking, finding reasons to quitting this dangerous addiction is necessary.

For me, it was more about searching the different type of reasons why one should quit smoking, and then finding the ones that related most with me. This can be different for every person, and I think the most basic way of doing so is simply looking at the stories and ideas of people who once suffered from this addiction and listening to the many reasons why they left it behind them.

While the reasons why we might smoke might be different, the main effects and disadvantages that it has on us can remain relatively same – and as such, just escaping from those dangerous ailments and side effects can be reason enough to want to remove this dangerous addiction from your system.

That being said, I began compiling a list of comprehensive reasons that form the basis of why one should want to remove smoking. These included not just my own personal reasons but also ones that were used by many others online. In general, they can be as small as simply wanting to smile brighter with your teeth glowing instead of being stained due to the nicotine, to long-term and massive health advantages and freedom from constraints like high blood pressure and similar ailments that cause damage.



Overall, anyone who wishes to become healthier and more enriched, should consider looking forward the reasons I have listed as to why one should avoid smoking completely. While many of these are from my personal experiences, a lot of them have been compiled from the accounts I’ve seen online of different people too, and in general they are just worth a read. If you know someone who suffers from this addiction, or suffer from it yourself, then definitely consider reading it, as it could change your life forever.

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