Artificial Intelligence Oriented Startups Have Reportedly Raised a Collective $4.3 Billion.

Artificial intelligence has led a force of metamorphosis in a wide array of industries and fields worldwide – and health care is no exception. With massive companies and market elites investing in this field, there is really no surprise in the great strides that it has made since 2013.

A recent research reported CB Insights, shows just how intricate the world of medical AI has become. The report states that artificial intelligence oriented startups have raised over $4.3 billion in just the last half decade. A CB Insights analyst stated the following: “AI in health care is geared toward improving patient outcomes, aligning the interests of various stakeholders, and reducing costs.”

The report has successfully managed to cause a bit of commotion as people discuss its various implications as it highlights the ability AI-based medical technology possesses, and the possibilities that can become accessible if one does more research on it. It also brings this new form of technology into the mainstream media, allowing it to expand even further.

This surge in investments in AI is something that a multitude of global companies have caught wind of, with new partnerships and deals being made that aim to capitalize on this new technology. Big names like Nvidia are just one of the many that have tossed their hat into the ring, as they invest millions into creating a more AI-focused medical experience for the world. However major companies aren’t the only ones utilizing AI for medical purposes, in fact, applications like, which provide test strips analyzing right through one’s smartphones could lead to a revolution in the manner in which we treat ourselves in our day to day lives.

However, that’s not all. British medical startup Babylon Health has recently invested over a hundred million dollars into acquiring over 500 scientists, engineers and researchers for a project that is being described as “revolutionary”. Ali Parsa, the chief executive of the project claims that the company aims to create an application that will be able to solve exams faster than an average doctor would. This could open many new grounds for the medical world, and the magnanimity of this project is really something that has caught the eyes of many. Babylon Health already boasts a staff of over 1000 workers, so these new additions will definitely make quite a bit of difference.

Some estimate that the days of having to go to the doctor every so often will just be gone, as the world heads into a more AI-oriented age. Whether the systems prove to be effective or not, is something that is yet to become clear, however, there really is no denying that the future will undoubtedly be shaped through AI. Whether this is something as minor as filling out a test without having to go to the doctor, or something as intricate as detecting diseases in patient’s earlier and more effectively, AI technology will be dictating and leading the world towards a more developed medical experience.

John Ulmer

John Ulmer

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