Orthobiome Complete Probiotic Reviews – Ingredients Works?

Orthobiome complete probiotic is a supplement that strives to maintain the digestive system in perfect health. It boosts up the gut with probiotics. These are live bacteria strains that cleanse the whole stomach. Intake of bacteria is not a horrible thing because our stomach contains both good and bad bacteria in equilibrium. These pills are composed of good and healthy bacteria to outshine the amount of harmful bacteria present in the gut, this fluctuation gives out a positive result.

About the Manufacturer:

This pill was designed by Dr. Michele burkland. Dr. Michele is a practicing physician who collaborated with healthy living association to work on this supplement. These pills not only cure the symptoms but also get to the root cause of stomach discomforts like food sensitivities, leaky gut and poor digestion.

What does Orthobiome do?

Consumption of junk food in bulk quantity can lead to disturbed gut as it slowly kills the healthy bacteria and the harmful bacteria are free to cause destruction. This supplement is rich in probiotics and can reverse this sudden deterioration. The bacteria present in orthobiome complete probiotic are solely responsible for maintaining PH level of the gut, reducing inflammation and bloating etc. orthobiome provides a safe environment which can prevent life threatening diseases.



Bacteria used:

1 capsule contains 8 live strains of bacteria mentioned below:

Lactobacillus Gasseri: This bacterium is also known as “beneficial bacteria, these probiotics are found human and certain food. This organism suppresses the unhealthy bacteria, in return it improves the immune system, reduces inflammation, increases the rate of digestion and also averts the lethal diseases like peptic ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome etc. it also aids in weight loss as it increases digestion.

Lactobacillus Casei: it is a friendly bacterium extracted from fermented dairy products that acts as an antioxidant. It treats diarrhea. it also combats stress, as it has increased serotonin levels which lower its symptoms and also it has a significant effect on people suffering from lactose intolerance, constipation, ulcerative colitis, crohn’s disease, type 2 diabetes etc.

Bifidobacterium Longum: it is a gram-positive bacterium that is found in human GI tract. It boosts up the immunity, strengthen the body to fight against harmful pathogens. It also reduces cholesterol level and inflammation and it also works on celiac disease and metabolism syndrome.

Lactobacillus Helveticus: it is a type of lactic acid microbe found in the gut and fermented vegetables. This bacterium promotes gut balance and stability, reduces anxiety and depression, decreases blood pressure, and increases absorption of calcium which eventually prevents the bone loss, combats inflammation and also inhibits the formation of human gastric cancer cells.

Bacillus Subtilis: this is a spore creating bacterium found in soil and GI tract of humans and animal. This bacteria can survive harsh environmental conditions such as imbalanced PH levels, irregular temperature etc. it has antioxidant properties. It can reduce obesity and recovers the gut microbiota in humans. It works on constipation as well as diarrhea. It is also beneficial for skin, enhances and nurtures the skin.


⇒ Lactobacillus Plantarum: this bacterium is found in fermented plant products. It has anticancer, anti-obesity and antidiabetic properties. It produces vitamin B and also increases absorption of iron and calcium. It reduces the obesity and also counteracts the harmful bacteria present in the gut. It reduces formation ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome and H.Pylori.


Bifidobacterium Breve: it is found to be abundant in infants and adult GI tract. This bacterium promotes intestinal health and skin health, it prevents the skin from drying out, improves the functionality of gut and eliminates toxins. It has promising properties that acts against asthma and obesity, it also combats infection and inflammation, diminishes abdominal pain and it is also beneficial for celiac disease.


Lactobacillus Rhamnosus: it is a gram positive bacteria present in the intestine of a human, it produces an enzyme lactase that is held responsible for breaking down of lactose sugar into lactic acid, and this lactic acid suppresses a very harmful bacterium in the digestive tract. It has other potential benefits like: weight loss, reduces blood cholesterol, relieve allergy symptoms, treats diarrhea and UTI, it also reduces acne which then promotes clear skin and improves dental health.

These microbes have countless benefits which are discussed later.


Benefits of orthobiome complete probiotic:

Has a high bioavailability, in other words it survives the digestion process and is available for a long period of time.

Composed of non-gmo and high quality ingredients which is tested by the third party

It has no side effects

Reduces bloating, inflammation and gases

Increases digestion

Shreds off belly fat

Reduces the symptoms of stress and anxiety

Improves mental clarity and inability to focus

Plays an important role in treating fatal diseases like peptic ulcers, colon cancer etc.

Enhances energy level and minimizes mood swings

Decreases blood pressure and cholesterol

Refines digestion, oral and skin health

Maintains the PH level and doesn’t let the lining rupture

Impedes the formation of unfriendly microbes

Gives out desired result in no time

orthobiome complete probiotic

Dosage and pricing


A bottle of supplement contain 60 capsules and 1 capsule bears 20 million CFU of bacteria and 8 live strains of microbes

Take 1 pill a day to ameliorate gut health


Silver package: Buy 1 bottle for $ 29.97

Gold package:  buy 3 bottles for $22.48 each and get 1 bottle with a “complete guide to losing weight with probiotics” guide book

Platinum package: buy 4 bottles for just $17.12 each and get 3 bottles with a “complete guide to losing weight with probiotics” guide book.

These packages are free of shipping and handling charges.

Money back guaranteed




Final verdict:

This probiotic supplement consists of natural components, it is packed with microbes that are actually fruitful for digestive system and other systems as well. Keeping a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits embraces all sorts of deadly diseases, this is why these pills are designed to eliminate all diseases related to our digestive system. Orthobiome complete probiotic actually fulfills all the needs of a healthy life, plus it has no adverse effects which makes it worth a try.


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