Research Reveals Links Between Processed Meats and Cancer

The allure of bacon is hard to deny, however, many people have questioned the many health-related threats that it can pose to people who may indulge in it a bit too much. While even some researchers have been on opposite sides of the argument when it comes to bacon, a new research has tipped the scales against bacon’s consumption.

Reporting that consumption of bacon and similar types of meat was linked to breast cancer, this new study has been eye-opening for many. A part of the September edition of International Journal of Cancer Research – this paper placed close attention in over 15 prior researches, and with a total participant amount of 1.2 million women – narrowed down that one of the reasons behind why breast cancer occurred in women was because of meats like bacon.  Participants of the research who ate around 25 and 30 grams of meat everyday were noted to have an increased chance of breast cancer – by a whopping 9%. While different researches have looked at the paper and have come up with different conclusions – the general perception of these foods is quickly changing.

Experts have been warning people about overconsumption of processed meats such as bacon for a while now – however, it seems that without proper research it was hard to really pinpoint if those warnings had any proper foundations. However, with this recent study, it does become more and more evident that despite the taste of bacon – it is simply not worth the many dangerous repercussions that come along with it.

Dr. Marji McCullough, a senior scientific director of epidemiology research at the American Cancer Society, noted that the apparent popularity of processed meats such as hot dogs and bacon could be leading women to breast cancer without them even realizing it. In fact, some studies have also shown the possibilities of colorectal cancer being the outcome of over consumption of these foods. While an increase in percentage might not seem as alarming for some – the fact that it is better to be safe in every small aspect than to be sorry.

However, there are some inherent flaws with this form of analysis. One of these is that the participants had to remember their consumption of these foods simply through memory – which can result in some inaccuracies. They would need to remember their diet, which isn’t always possible. Furthermore, there is a chance of over or underestimations in this regard.

But, even despite these faults in the study, it is simply factually incorrect to deny that avoiding processed meats gives one a number of benefits and advantages. As small as it may be – the decreased chance of breast cancer, along with a generally healthier body is reason enough to quit. With healthier, natural options available, experts believe that it is time to avoid opting for the tastier option, even if it is detrimental to one’s health.  McCullough suggests that a diet with a reduced amount of red and processed meats, and a high amount of plants and natural foods is recommended to reduce risks of cancer.


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