Research Claims That Positive Thinking Can Lead to Better Health

Our body has some natural in-built mechanisms that can assist greatly in improving one’s mood and ensuring that one can manage their day without major difficulties. Undoubtedly, everyone has already heard of how smiling can actually help one in feeling happy – however, a new research from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC), has recently released a statement that could fundamentally change the way people perceive smiling.

The research states that by smiling often, one can naturally instill a more happy and outgoing personality and mentality – and this can have major short term and long term benefits. Science claims that actually thinking positively can improve your health in a multitude of different ways – and they aren’t restricted to just mental health – but also physical wellbeing. It’s obvious that by smiling, one is able to spread happiness to other too. A research estimated that 50% of the people who you smile to smile back – meaning that simply by moving one’s muscles in a certain way, they can cause a reaction of happiness in another person.

“Adopting positive changes in your outlook on life and choosing to be optimistic can result in tangible improvements in your heart health,” says Robert Glatter, M.D., an assistant professor of emergency medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital, Northwell Health (who was not involved in the JACC research).

An additional breakthrough that was discovered during the JACC study was that by having a more optimistic outlook – one can actually make decisions in their life that better than significantly. This includes things such as following a healthier diet plan – or exercising regularly. When one is not optimistic and generally feels depressed – they are less likely to take active steps to benefit their life and make sure that the things that aren’t proper right now are fixed.

With happier thoughts, one is more outgoing and takes active steps towards ensuring that not just their life – but that of those around them is improved in many ways. Thus, this provides us with strong evidence what psychological feedback can actually lead to better decision-making in people, and as a result, cause them to become much healthier and happier.

The crux of the entire system is one’s smile – by smiling often one is able to not only feel happier, but also display happiness to others. Of course, it is not recommended to simply smile through any issues or pains – but to be upfront about them and to ensure that they are dealt with – however, one should consider smiling whenever they get the change. Positive thinking can bring about a force of change in one’s life – and this can often reach bounds that they never even imagined. For people who suffer from a bad attitude, and are generally unhappy in life – smiling can be the easy trick to not only change that but also ensure that one’s mental and physical health is top-notch.

With more and more researches being conducted on this topic – perhaps the stigma that is usually assigned with mental health will be removed and people will be able to talk about it freely and openly without feeling ashamed.


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