Here’s What Happened When An Entire Town Quit Sugar for 70 Days

While the 21st century has led to the discovery and creation of a multitude of different medical facilities – one thing that has still managed to be a on a staggering rise – is obesity. Obesity is a problem that has managed to sweep across the world – and most notably in the US, where a multitude of adults – and children especially have fallen victim to this ailment.

When the issue has become so spread out – to the point where people even consider to call it an epidemic, one does have to wonder just what can be done to ensure that this spreading plague is stopped dead in its tracks. A solution for this is presented by Labour deputy leader, Tom Watson who stated that he quite easily managed to reduce 94lbs in just 10 months simply by following a diet that was low on starch and sugar. Through this, he not only managed to survive Type 2 Diabetes, but also managed to lower this weight to a very good point.

His journey is one that has many people asking how it can be replicated on a national scale – to ensure that everyone across the board can be provided with better health. Well, a recent research published by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition proved that a diet similar to the one tried out by Tom Watson – a healthy low-fat diet can significantly reduce the chances of one to fall victim to a heart attack, while also significantly boosting their ability to fight against Type 2 Diabetes.

Watson believes that simply changing one’s lifestyle isn’t the only way. While it is vital and a necessity if one wishes to become healthier – a change in policies is also something that is significantly important. The junk food industry often profits over childhood obesity and when taken in excess can result in the new generation of kids being overweight, energy-deprived and mentally weak. The truth is the weight industry is directly linked with the food industry – and without strict regulations and policies, it is simply not possible to bring a worthwhile change in either.

While policies on a national scale are something that isn’t always possible – one town by the name of Tameside has managed to find a way to encourage better health among their citizens. The residents of the area were told to partake in a 70-day long sugar free challenge. The challenge was brought to inception after a local hospital was celebrating their 70th birthday and the honor of being the first hospital in the country to have a strict ban on sugared drinks from its eateries and canteens.  Just this small change not only managed to change people’s perception on health – but also saw many physical benefits, as people lost around 4 to 10 KGs in just 70 days.

People reported that they felt much more healthier after having done the challenge than they had in years prior – and it just goes to show how the littlest effort to remove sugars from one’s diet can fundamentally change their mood, health and weight. The town of Tameside believes that even without government policies being put in place to limit the amount of junk food in the hands of the public – if people individually understand and realize the importance of their health – while making strides daily to become healthier, than they can become the owner of their own body and fate.



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