Here Are Dr. Nic Gill’s Top Tips for Weight Loss

Recently Dr. Nic Gill, the coach of sports team “All Blacks” give people his personal tips on remaining healthy and in shape.

As part of his new book, “Health Yourself; The One Stop Handbook to a Healthier, More Energetic You”, Dr. Gill has been providing assistance to people by revealing his biggest tips and tricks on how to remain motivated during one’s weight loss or body-building journey. Gill states that despite being a coach for one of the leading sports teams right now, he at a point in his life when he was quite unhealthy. He added further, that that is nothing to be ashamed of – as it takes more strength to do that.

Gill stated that before one can even begin their weight loss journey, they need to realize what it is that they want to lose weight for. This could be something as small as simply wanting to look at a healthier person every time you look in the mirror, to something like wanting to feel more socially accepted or likable.  Dr. Gill says “”If I say to myself ‘I want to lose a kilo in the next six weeks’ that doesn’t really motivate me. Why? Why do I want to lose a kilo? So I think definitely understanding big picture –where you want to go and where you want to end up.”

In short, any successful physical journey requires one’s mind to be working alongside them – and according to Dr. Gill that is only possible when one is providing positive reinforcement and is making it clear what their larger goals are. His second advice was to make sustainable changes, that are easy to adapt to. According to Dr. Gill one of the biggest mistakes that people tend to make when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape is that they try to replicate someone else’s diet or workout in its entirety from day 1.

Gill adds that this is a huge mistake, as it is virtually not possible to get to the same level of work that someone else has achieved over the course of weeks or years. This is why he recommends making smaller, easier changes to one’s lifestyle or diet that doesn’t entirely make them hate their dieting plan. Through this, the change never feel jarring and instead of one thinking like they have to let go of all of their prior activities, they can slowly and more effectively get used to all of the new beneficial activities that they are making a part of their new life.

The next thing that he stated was that anyone who wishes to lose weight, need to take into account just what it is they consume. “If we’re digging trenches, building fences out on a farm, you can probably eat a lot more food than if you’re sitting in an office.  He stated that people should eat according to their needs, however starving one’s self is just as bad as overfeeding. If one’s energy requirements are not being met, then that only leads to further unhealthiness. Similarly, if one is consuming extra calories with no big nutritional gain, then they are surely going to gain much more weight quickly.

Finally, Dr. Gill had to say that one should be accountable, and should stick to their goals and mindset however they shouldn’t punish themselves for slipping up. It is normal to mess up and answer that one craving, and thus, going through mental turmoil each time that happens is no good. However, remaining accountable and knowing that no matter the difficulty, you are doing this for your own benefit, is the way to go. This and a lot more can be found out in his new health book – and he highly recommends anyone who is interested in finding out about his health regime in detail to get their hands on one as soon as possible.

Micheal Kim

Micheal Kim

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