Health Expert Bernadette Dancy Shares Weight Loss Insights

Anyone that has attempted to go on a diet before knows for a fact that there is a difference between hard science and fads. Problem is separating scientific research work from common trends that do not really have anything to back them can be difficult. However, if there is anyone who is qualified to speak on this topic, it is Bernadette Dancy, a health and exercise coach that has recently spoken on the topic of dieting and weight loss. She stated that she felt it was important to speak on this topic, as there are too many people who begin their weight loss journeys with one foot in the mud.

This results in them not really breaking much ground and feeling quite disheartened and demotivated. Dancy stated that the best thing one can do before they begin losing weight is to first find a reason that motivates them to push forward. It can be something as simple as trying to impress someone, or looking good for one’s partner – or can even be something personal, like generally just wanting to become healthier. Motivating oneself at the start of the weight loss experience goes a long way, according to Bernadette Dancy.

Further, she added that the only way to properly lose weight is through knowledge and education. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet about how proper weight loss is to be done, and as a result, people end up following fads or trends that have nothing strong backing them. The end result is nothing more than frustration, difficulty and even more health issues.

Dancy also spoke against the trend of ‘quick fixes’ or ‘tricks’ in regards to weight loss, stating: For far too long the health and fitness industry has marketed knowledge as some secret recipe,’ explains Dancy. ‘The fact of the matter is, there is NO SECRET to weight loss. All quick-fix weight loss packages on the market work in the same way – calorie deficit. And all long-term weight loss interventions work in the same way – they educate, support and encourage people to address many areas of their lifestyle, not just nutrition and movement.’

Dancy stated that in her view, the first step towards weight loss is to simply balance our lifestyle and opt for healthier options whenever possible. This of course does not mean completely taking life-altering decisions from day 1, as even too rough of a change cause drastic problems for our body, but rather taking small, consistent steps towards a better future.

Another thing Dancy added was that people often set expectations for themselves that are simply too big and hard to achieve. With such expectations, no matter how good one does, they end up feeling quite underwhelmed and unimpressed. She stated that if a woman who weighed 70KG were to lose 7KGs, in essence, she lost 10% of her weight, and as such, that is a huge drop in weight, but it might not seem like much to her if she doesn’t have the right mindset.

With the basics charted, she finally said that the right way to lose weight is not in the form of some trick or technique, but solely through medication, exercise, diet and mental health. She elaborated that mental health is one thing that is often ignored, but can have dramatic effects on one’s weight. With the right combination of the aforementioned activities, one can hope to reduce weight and get closer to that body they’ve always wanted to achieve.

Micheal Kim

Micheal Kim

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