Global Study Discovers Shocking New Diet That Slashes Heart Disease

The world of health and technology is always evolving and adapting, with changes and new discoveries changing things that were previously thought to be the norm. This is often the case with healthcare.

In fact, a recent new study claims that the normalized manner of “heart healthy” diets, actually pose a greater threat to people’s health that one might imagine. Essentially, in recent times, people have created an unfair stigma against unprocessed red meats, as well as a multitude of dairy products. However, there is reason to believe that in fact, in small amounts, both of these foods can actual improve one’s health and improve their cardiovascular system.

This study took place on a global level, and was first published in a global medical journal that is known as Lancet. During the research, they identified a diet that supposedly reduces one’s cardiovascular risk – which is one of the most leading causes of death in South Africa, killing over 225 people every single day.

This diet included a healthy amount of fruit and vegetables, refined carbohydrates, and yes, fat, protein and dairy too! Despite the stigma against fat and carbohydrates, it seems that in a moderate amount, they not only pose no such danger to the person consuming them – but also might increase one’s long-term health.

The leading mind behind the study, Prof Salim Yusuf from McMaster University, Canada, had to say: “Thinking on what constitutes a high-quality diet for a global population needs to be reconsidered…our results show that dairy products and meat are beneficial for heart health and longevity. This differs from current dietary advice.”

Another researcher, Dr. Andrew Mente further stated that people who actually consumed certain meats, fruits and vegetables along with nuts and fish and dairy products, had the least chances of being inflicted with heart disease and dying prematurely as a result of that.  He stated how the current wind of health advice often goes against things such as meats, thinking that they only shorten one’s lifespan, however this new research could set the foundation for a change in the future.

The research concluded that while a moderate amount of dairy products and meats were beneficial, an overabundance of starch in one’s diet could result in damaging effects overall for a person.

The study swept across 50 different countries, involving over two hundred thousand adults. From the results gathered, it did seem clear that those individuals who made a health amount of proteins such as meats and dairy a part of their diet, had the lowest chances of heart diseases. Overall, they had a 25% lower risk of mortality, 22% less risk of heart attack and 25% lower risk of stroke. This new data has been eye-opening for many people, who are quite astounded to find out that the foods they seemed to be antagonizing for a long time in the past are actually beneficial, if taken in the right amounts. It has many vegan and plant-only dieters re-thinking their choices, and deciding what the best course of action is for the future, as they struggle to continue utilizing their diets.

John Ulmer

John Ulmer

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