Experts State 3-Must Know Tips for New Parents

New born babies can be a source of joy and excitement for parents. But they also can mean a lot of sleep and energy deprivation. As a parent, one needs to be most active when they are around new born babies, however due to rough scheduling and improper sleeping times, parents can often find themselves to be in trouble when handling a new-born.

A recent study held by a sleep technology company called Simba, stated that within the first year of a child’s birth, parents find it hard to find even 4 hours and 44 minutes of sleep at night. Most parents were amazed at the fact that they could even function with the little amount of sleep they were getting.

This is indicative of a much larger problem for parents – as a lack of sleep can actually make them ineffective at handling their new baby. This is why it is imperative to get proper amount of sleep to both retain their health, and to ensure the safety of their child. Many experts recommend timing one’s schedule to align with your kid’s. If you see your child napping during the day –and don’t have any particular task at hand, consider sleeping with them and waking up when they do. This can sync your sleep timings, and ensure that you are able to get more sleep.

While it might seem reasonable to complete any house chores during this time, the fact of the matter is that usually these tasks can be completed while the baby is awake too – meaning there really is no reason to be running around haphazardly.

Parents should also consider making their surroundings distraction free and generally easy to fall asleep in. Making the room cool and free from any mobile devices can make it much easier to sleep when one has the time, thus greatly reducing any wastage of time that would otherwise be used on resting.

Finally, it is recommended to not set unrealistic expectations. With a new baby, parents will often be forced to take new decisions and take choices that don’t particularly feel justified – but in the long run will be quite useful. This means things like old friendships, prior commitments, or even working overtime. While returning back to the normal schedule might not be as long as some parents anticipate – it is absolutely vital to remain focused and on plan. Drifting away from schedule and set routines can result in multiple nights’ worth of sleep time going to waste.

As such, experts recommend parents to not only remain in synced with their newborn’s sleep schedule, but also to make sure that one keeps away any potential distractions, while finally also making sure to not set any expectations that are simply too high to meet.  With those conditions in mind, parents should be much more capable of handling new babies, and experts believe that they should be able to catch up on much needed sleep too. This should help in not only improving their health – but also ensuring that they are much effective at parenting and completing any and all tasks that may be required.


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