Dr. Roach States The Importance of a Support System for People Losing Weight

Recently, a health expert with multiple years in the field, Dr. Roach let out a statement that has many people re-thinking their weight loss regimes. The doctor, who after receiving a letter from a patient whose son had been attempting to lose weight but failing to – gave a very vital piece of information that is often brushed aside by the masses nowadays.

This is about weight loss, and Dr. Keith Roach stated that if one wishes to lose weight, they need a strong and dependent support system. Losing weight is for sure a physical, and a mental challenge. As one’s body begins to change from one form to another, one needs to be able to handle the mental repercussions that that can bring about, along with the fact that one need a strong motivational force to push them forward every day.

This is the basis of Dr. Roach’s statement who elaborated on this by saying that without the assistance and support of someone close to the person who is losing weight, the weight loss journey can become increasingly difficult, and that significant amounts of weight loss become less likely. Dr. Roach stated that often it is believed that simply the promise of better health and looks is what is needed for people to push forward, but that is only an inwards push. For most people, an outward push from loved ones is just as needed.

So whether it comes from a family member, friend or partner, giving someone that much needed motivational boost and telling them that they look much better than previously can massively change their outlook on their weight loss, and also boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Research has also indicated in recent times that placebo is something that can occur quite frequently to such people. Simply be receiving positive feedback, and thinking in nicer manner, one can make their brain feel happier, which can in turn not only boost their mental wellbeing, but also make strides for them physically. Our body is interlinked with our brain and as a result, the better our mood, the better our body will be in the long run.

Partaking in the weight loss journey along with the person who is doing it can also be a way to not only get them excited but also ensure that they are doing it right and not overdoing themselves. Supervision for teenagers who are losing weight is also quite recommended by many doctors, as that is the age when someone is more likely to follow fad diets and trends instead of science back methodologies.

These fads can lead to a life-long struggle with food disorders and obesity, and is something that parents should especially be careful of. That being said, Dr. Roach insists people to look in their surroundings and see if there are people who are in need of that motivational boost to lose weight, as a small compliment or piece of advice can go a long way for anyone attempting to lose weight.



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