CEO and Entrepreneur Chris Myers’ Guide to Dealing With Stress

Having a lot of stress in one’s daily life is no big surprise. With how hectic people’s lives have become nowadays, there is no doubt in the fact that stress is bound to greet us at every corner. However, many experts claim that it is how one chooses to deal with stress that is the main focal point of one’s mental health.

Chris Myers, a well-known entrepreneur and start-up founder recently stated in an interview how he personally choses to deal with stress. Being a naturally, high-stress individual, who is also an entrepreneur, one can expect his daily schedule to be filled with appointments and meetings, all of which can be very stress-inducing.

Chris states that a lot of people compare dealing with stress to be similar to how one rides a roller-coaster; however he disagrees on that slightly. According to him, while it might be fine to take the roller-coaster approach for smaller doses of stress, when one knows that they’re going to go down with rapid speed from the zenith of the ride, then at often times, they can lose mental clarity. This is the point when one’s stress begins affecting their work, personal life and generally begins to depreciate their mental health.

Myers’ advice to people who are in a similar position as him – and are generally following a lifestyle that has doses of stress behind every door, is to first stop asking “what if”. While having a good perception of the future is a definite benefit, one’s mind often tends to draw up scenarios and situations that will simply never come true. Dwelling on impossibilities, and taking on additional stress when thinking about them can not only be damaging to one’s head, but also proves to be a massive waste of time.

Secondly, Chris adds that one should only worry about things within their control. If there is anything that he knows is beyond his own grasps, then he simply stops worrying about it. Paying attention to any aspect of life that a person has no control or sway over is bound to result in piles of stress all of which will be pointless in the end. While it might sound like the approach advices a person to remain all too passive – this is not the truth, as Myers’ next advice is to take action wherever possible.

While fretting over the uncontrollable is a bad move, simply staying put and agonizing over something that one can fix right now is even worse. If there is an opportunity, then simply worrying about it and thinking of how it will be done is not the way to go. Taking action and making sure that one is performing their best is the best course of action according to Chris Myers. Finally, he suggests setting short-term goals, and celebrating a victory wherever possible.

People often set the bar too high for themselves and then become distraught when they are unable to reach their own impossibly high goals. This is why being too focused on the broader goals right from the get-go is a bad practice. Instead, take time to enjoy the little achievements and ensure that you are mentally giving yourself the reprise that is needed after every hurdle. Chris believes that these are the tips that get him through every day as a CEO and entrepreneur in today’s business environment.

Micheal Kim

Micheal Kim

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