Australian Study Confirms Recovering from An Addiction Is More Than Just Remaining Sober

People often have the false perception that they can recover completely from an addiction simply by remaining clean of whatever it was that they were addicted to. However, a recent Australian study has confirmed this to not be true.

The study indicates that a full recovery from an addiction requires more than merely stopping one’s inherent cravings. This is because while we recognize things we might get addicted to, we fail to realize the long term side effects that they pose.

In certain situations, mental health issues encourage people to take drugs, and even if one manage to trump their addiction – the underlying mental issues, if not resolved, end up causing long term damage. A traumatic experience that causes PTSD is often what encourages people to take drugs to achieve escape. Chronic depression or anxiety in people makes them more susceptible to addictions as well. For some it is easier to use substance to avoid feeling strong negative emotions.

This is why the study states that simply by choosing to go cold turkey and avoiding the use of the substance won’t allow one to completely return back to 100%. Instead, they need to realize what it was that caused them to utilize the drugs in the first place and combat that.

The fundamental issues lies in the fact that these feelings, emotions and psychological diseases are not given proper treatments and are still under a lot of stigma. This is due to the fact that a lot of these ailments are considered to be fictions of the mind or an over exaggeration of emotions. Some people are afraid of the societal and the peer pressure that one has to bear when issues like these come out in the open. All of these reasons are the root cause of lack of awareness and knowledge when it comes to dealing with mental health and addiction.

There are a variety of treatments available, such as diagnosis to detect bipolar tendencies and depression in patients doing substance abuse. Detoxification of drugs from the body is done so that people can cope up with withdraw symptoms. Monitored interventions and rehabilitations can be a very good approach towards betterment – however, sometimes due to not having enough funds; people are unable to get the assistance they need.

Though researches show even though support groups and outsider help can assist with dealing against relapse, it is shown that true acceptance from loved ones and family can do much more. A happier environment that is nurturing can be very motivating for someone who is fighting against addiction. Even though some people take drugs for recreations or due to peer pressure, the drug itself may not be the root cause of addiction, circumstances are. Unhappier people are more likely to be drug addicts. Moreover one of the most viable to fight addiction is through the acceptance and support of loved ones. As such, this Australian study urges people to take note of the aspects in their life that are causing them to partake in the usage of harmful drugs and substances as opposed to simply trying to eliminate the substance from their systems.



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