5-Vitamins Essential For Hair Growth

Losing hair is not an easy matter to deal with. Everything seems fine, and when the first few strands fall, it is even simple enough to simply ignore it. However, one day when you wake up and look at the mirror and realize that there is actually now a bald patch on your head, and that it is no longer the lush head of hair you had back then, that’s when the problem becomes clear.

This is what happened with me. I never realized how weak my hair had really gotten, and honestly, this is something that many people suffer from. They simply do not realize that their hair is not capable of remaining healthy all on its own, and without some form of proper nourishment, it is quite easy to lose track of the strands falling until they finally explode on your head like a glaring bald spot.

At that point, everything seems like it has no point. You are unable to find the right answer, and even feel ashamed to go out or get to work. I found myself trying to constantly hide my baldspot, and hope that no one ever looked at it. But the truth is that they did, and overtime I knew that if something was not done, it would only become more and more noticeable, until I had a completely bald head. This is when I decided to take charge.

I looked up a number of foods and natural cures to falling hair, and realized that the powerful vitamins that could naturally give me longer and stronger strands of hair. The main problem I believed was that I had to dedicate too much time when getting into hair care, but the truth is that with just the in take of a few foods on a daily routine, I was gaining the nutrients I needed to get the hair I once had – in fact, even better hair than I ever had in the past.


The thing that keeps most people away from hair treatments is the fact that they think that most of the foods are hard to attain, and that it is much better to just get hair surgeries, or other treatments. But the truth is that these foods are not only easier to obtain, but are also more safer and natural than any other method in the planet. Considering they are natural and include things such as carrots, watermelons, oranges and more, there really is no fear when one starts eating them to regain their hair strands.

One by one, I added these foods to my diet, and started gaining the vitamins I needed to become much healthier from within. And quite soon, my bald spot was filled, and my hair was not only much better but also much longer. I no longer had to suffer the same levels of shame that I had to do so in the past. After how well it worked out for me, I decided that it needed to be given to other people too – those who suffer the same plight as I did. After all, it is only fair that they are given the same assistance that I received.

This is why I have compiled a complete list of the foods that are healthy and provide to you to you the assistance you need to not only get healthier and stronger strands of hair, but also gain the ability to look great and live with confident. Gone are the days of hairless heads, because now it is the dawn of a new strand, one that is not only more stronger but also much healthier.


John Ulmer

John Ulmer

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